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Build Your Own SUP or Surfboard

On April 15, 2014, in Human Powered, News From Gayle, SUP's & Surfboards, by Gayle Brantuk

Glen-L now has Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) and Surfboard kits available on our website. These boards are all designed and made by Wood Surfboard Supply Company in Santa Ana, California. John and Buckshot and I stopped by their shop recently and had a chance to see their operation and ask them some questions. We had such […]

Latex Paint for Boats???


Latex Paint for Boats by Dave Carnell When I bought my first yacht (27′ auxiliary sloop) for $300 in 1951 I quickly learned that if it’s for a boat, the same material costs several times as much as if it is for your house. Oakum was $1/lb. at the marine supply store compared to five […]

Boatbuilder Tip: Using the Versatile Block Plane


Using the Versatile Block Plane   Roundovers Edges are simple to shape with the block plane. For chamfers less than 1/8″ you can usually eyeball the cut as you move the plane along the edge of the board.  For wider chamfers, first draw a layout line on the workpiece as a guide. Flush Trimming There […]

First Steps in Building Your Boat: Setting up – The foundation for building a boat


  A boat, unlike a house or garage, does not have flat areas such as a level foundation with vertical uprights (studs).  A boat is curved from most any direction you view it so an artificial foundation must be created. We’ve developed a method of using a “building form” to substitute for the “foundation” in the analogy […]

The Story of the A.T.Frog


This is the story of the A.T.Frog as recounted by boatbuilder Pete Carpenter of Payson, Arizona. The Frog began life in November of 1995 as Glen-L Dinky #001 of the Santa Cruz River Boatworks in Tucson, Arizona. A person familiar with the Santa Cruz river in Tucson will tell you that the river is dry […]

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