Flats Flyer Design

Flats Flyer by Capt. Trick Standing

Flats Flyer 20+\' by Capt. Trick Standing, Virginia Beach, Virginia February 27, 2009 Here are some pictures of the Flats Flyer streched out to 20+ feet. This is a cool build. I should get some sheets fitted this weekend.

Flying Saucer by Ken Witbrodt, Wildwood, Missouri

January 2017 My name is Ken Witbrodt and I reside in Wildwood, Missouri (a western St Louis suburb). Attached are some photos from my first Glen-L boat build project. It is a 12 foot Flying Saucer, although I modified the plans slightly from the twin cockpit version to a single cockpit. I built gullwing-styled hatches for storage in place of the rear cockpit. I began working on the boat early in 2015 and completed it in October 2016. I named her 'Mini Cab' (I'm also a wine lover) and also created my own fictitious boat works label - Arman Craft (and had fun creating the graphics & decals). Overall, it was a rewarding experience and I am pleased with the results. Thanks for the great plans and resources!

Flats Flyer by Ken Moss, Merritt Island, Florida

<p>We are fairing the frames now and should have the sides on by mid-September. Thanks for all the help.</p>

Flats Flyer by Jacob Kimbrough, Friendswood, Texas

<p> 31 March 2014 </p><p> The construction time was right around 480 hrs. The rigging was another 40 hours. </p><p> The whole boat does not contain a piece of wood. It is all composite foam core/fiberglass/carbon panels (proset epoxy/vacuum bagged). I stretched it to 19\'9\" LOA. The hull weighed in at 860lbs. I was pretty conservative in the amount of fiber I used as well as the core selections. </p><p> If I had to do it over again I could knock 100lbs out of the finished weight easily. I build high performance composite structures for a living. </p><p> I used my company facility at night and on the weekends for the build. All in all I did it over a 10 month span. </p>

Flats Flyer by Jonathan Watts, Amite, Louisiana

<p> Updated October 2014 </p><p> <p> Updated August 2014 </p><p> 31 March 2014 </p>

Flats Flyer by Tom Saccio, Blounts Creek, North Carolina

<p> Last Update 12 June 2014 </p><p>Update 17 March 2014 </p><p> Update 7 November 2013 </p><p> Update 12 August 2013 </p><p> July 11, 2013 </p>


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