Mackinaw Design

Mackinaw-AL by Rob Landsman, Sooke, BC Canada

My friend Ken and I started the boat two weeks after my son was born at my father in laws place Campbell cove Maritime in Sooke BC. Ken is a metal boat builder, he told me about you. I picked the Mackinaw design because I want a fishing and camping boat. Ken made a cardboard model to work from along with the blue prints.The hull is 1/4", sides are 3/16" and the cabin is 1/8". The boat will be powered by a 300hp Evinrude E tec. I will have the boat Cabin interior foam sprayed soon. After that I will start on the wood work inside.

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3 Responses to Mackinaw Design

  1. Nikki Tan says:

    what about salt water, are they lighter than fiberfglass

  2. Nikki Tan says:

    What about the rust factor ? Mostly in salt water, Is there a version that uses less HP?

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