Minuet Design

Minuet by John Van Newenhizen

<p>4-10-03 </p><p> Attached is a picture and it tells it all! Launch was January 14th at Port St. Joe, Florida. \'MISS BOO\' lives up to all my expectations. She sails better than I expected. Is faster for her size than I expected. Points very well. Is extremely stable in rough seas. Thanks to GlenL for their advice during construction. </p><p> John Van Newenhizen</p>

Minuet by Cesar Jaramillon , Pereira, Columbia

<p>Pereira Agosto 3 Del 2000 </p><p> Dear Sirs: </p><p> I am writing you from Pereira, a city at Columbia\'s center. During the last weekend, at Calima Lake I launched my Minuet. The name of my Minuet is Anumwerici, the god of the Polynesian sailor. </p><p> The photo shows Anumwerici and a group of my friends. Anumwerici sails pretty nice in any direction. </p><p> Thanks very much for the attention paid to this letter. </p><p> Truly, Cesar Jaramillon Pereira, Columbia</p>

Minuet by Larry Haff ,Westborough, MA

<p>Subject: Customer Photos/Minuet Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 From: Larry Haff </p><p> Attched are some photos of the Minuet I recently finished. </p><p> Photographs are of my Minuet sailing in the 1000 Island region of the Saint Lawrence River, Ontario, Cannada.</p>

Minuet by Ron Toyne

Minuet by Ron Toyne, Cedar Rapids, Iowa August 11, 2009 Thought you might like this photo of the Minuet I built. It\'s my first try at building a sailboat.

Minuet by Robert Zopp

Minuet by Robert Zopp, Richardson, Texas March 18, 2009

Minuet by Russ Karches, Gresham, Oregon

<p> Update July 2012 </p><p> I acquired this Minuet from a guy who couldn\'t finish it and it had been sitting for quite a while outside. After the bad rotted wood had been removed I began to finish it. Not quite done yet but, hopefully soon, she will touch the water for the very first time after many years on a cradle. </p>

Minuet by Jim Doucet , Calgary, Canada

<p>Letter: 14 August 2002 </p><p> Hello everyone at Glen-L </p><p> Here are a few pics of my Minuet, started in December 2000 and finally in the water in June 2002. I extended the cabin for roomier accomodations, but still plenty of cockpit for a couple off for a weekend. Had a wonderful time building her and now having an equally fine time sailing her. The brightwork is cedar strip over plywood. Hope to send a few more photos with the Glen-L sails up. Every time she goes in the water, people come up and ask about here. Thanks again for helping me build a lovely boat. </p><p> Jim Doucet Calgary, Canada<p>

Minuet by Joel Block & Kathy Lucas, Katy, Texas

<p> 20 May 2013 </p><p> Introducing \"Spirit of Jessica\". </p><p> Pictures that document our Minuet build. Kathy bought the plans for me in July 2011 for my birthday. We only managed to cut a few boards the first six months, but since then, it\'s been a steady project. Most work has been done from July 1, 2012 through our first sail on May 11, 2013. We figure about 1300 hours are invested. </p><p> Thanks to Glen-L for a great project. (I do realize that it will never truly be complete....!) </p>


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