Ski-King Design

Ski King by John Herd, Wakefield, New Zealand

<p>\"Typhoon\" (Ski King) built by John Herd, NZ. Professional photos by Will Calver</p><p>I managed to complete it\'s build early last year (2011) - it went on to win the trophy as \"Best New Build Boat\" at the NZ Antique and Classic Boat Show held in 2011. </br></br> It was a fun project to build and is a lively boat on the water - provides us with plenty of pleasure. </br></br> Thanks again for a great design. </p>

Ski King by Rick Aronson\'s Dad, Long Beach, California

<p> November 2012 </p><p> Nearly sixty years ago my dad built what I believe was a Ski King, stretched 10%. I only have one picture of it, taken at Marine Stadium in Long Beach. </p><p> He powered it with a 85 hp Ford flathead direct drive. </p><p> He had a cabinet and millwork business on Cherry Ave in Long Beach for a little over 20 years until he retired. </p><p> I can only remember bits and pieces of the boat when I was probably 5 or 6 years old. I remember it was loud and I bounced around a lot riding in it. </p><p> I don\'t have a clue what ever became of it, but if my dad built it, it was built to last and is probably still in use somewhere. </p><p> Fast forward 55 years and I\'m getting ready to build my own boat. My shop is small so I\'ve decided on the Zip 14\' outboard. I live on a comparatively small lake in Northern California that will be just right for cruising in the Zip. </p>

Ski King by Gary Rule, The Basin, Victoria, Australia

<p> Update November 2012</p> <p>Ski King \"2 the Max\" </p><p> Built 2005 </p><p> Giving many years of maximum fun!</p>

Jan\'s Ski King by Jan Koubsky, Brozany nad Ohri, Czech Republic

<p>July 2015</p> <p>Planking finished.</p>

Ski King by Robert Rowe, Goolwa, Adelaide, Australia

<p> Photos Updated 31 March 2014 </p><p> 28 August 2013 </p>

Ski King by Marijn van Roode, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

<p>Update 17 September 2013 </p><p> 21 December 2009 - First photos </P>

Ski King by Chris Stokes

This is a different take on the Ski King--a gentleman's speedster. Ski king has been enlarged 10% throughout fitted with v8 and c71 gearbox.


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