Amp-Eater Design

Amp Eater by David Fannon, Columbus Ohio

June, 2018 - Building a boat was something that I have wanted to do for many years. I chose the amp eater because first I liked the idea of electric power and secondly I admired the lines of the boat. The stitch and glue build seemed like a good way to jump into boat building.

Amp Eater (Steam-Powered) by Roger Ulsky, High Falls, Georgia

May 2014 I built my Amp Eater as a steamboat in 2001. Since I built her, we have steamed her far enough to take us from Miami to Seattle, and back! More info at:\ I appreciate all the great products Glen-L produces.

Amp-Eater by Charles Ervin, Covington, LA

<p>Amp Eater built by Charles Ervin Covington, LA</p> <p>25 May 2006</p> <p>Glen-L</p> <p>Thanks for great, easy to follow plans! This was my first boat building adventure but it won\'t be my last... Attached are a couple of pics.</p> <p>Charles Ervin </p>

Amp Eater by Gary Williams

<p>Subject: Amp Eater with a bimini 16 January 2005</p> <p>Hi guys,</p> <p>Here\'s a picture of our little Amp Eater with her new bimini.</p> <p>Best to you all, Gary Williams</p>


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