Bingo Design

Bingo by David Bradshaw & Son Sam, Victoria, BC, Candada

<p> 21 October 2013 </p><p> These are of my son Sam\'s Bingo we have just begun to build. We have started a blog post as well to document progress. </p><p> Thank you, </p>

Bingo by Kevin Hartley, Ontario, Canada

The Bingo has been a great little boat, I built it as a tender and tow it behind my 1961 32\' Chris Craft, it has been towed all over Georgian Bay and through all kinds of water 6-7 footers and handled every bit of it. It is better suited for smaller lakes and water ways but has done me well, always an eye catcher and a conversation piece at the dock.

Bingo by Mark Matte, Oshawa, Ontario Canada

<p>Growing up around water most of my life, I always loved boats and just plain being on the water in the summer time. </p><p> Having done alot of woodwork in my time, a friend mentioned to me that I should build a boat. I was hesitant at first. After all, I had only made small pieces of furniture before. I had never even read blueprints before. </p><p> I have to admit, I was a little confused when I opened the blueprints up for the first time, but after reading and understanding, and the with expert help on the site, my \"Bingo\" was born. </p><p> I started the build on Easter Weekend in April of 2009 and had the boat in the water for the first test run in Sept of 2009. I worked on it every chance I could; weekends, after work, before work, I also spent my 5 weeks vacation time working on it. </p><p> It was really alot of fun building and even more fun running it. I ran the boat for the last 2 years with a 1985 30HP Johnson, I have recently sold that motor and purchased a new Tohatsu 50HP at the Toronto Boat Show this year. Now Im really looking forward to this summer in 2012. </p><p> I\'m just starting to put the build pictures on the site for others to see which Im sure will help them if they decide to build the Bingo. I hope everyone enjoys looking at these pictures as I have many. It may take me a few weeks to get the pictures I want on here so please be patient with me. I will also be posting a video on u-tube shortly of the boat running in the water. I will be sure to let you know when this is done. </p><p> Bye for now......Mark </p>

Bingo by Brad Lynskey

Bingo by Brad Lynskey, Arkadelphia, Arkansas 10 July, 2009


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