Biscayne 18 Design

Biscayne 18 by Ron Chatfield, Presque Isle, Michigan

<p> September 2013 </p><p> Here are a few pictures of my 4-yr. project boat, \"Go Bucks\". I am an Ohio State graduate living in Michigan so the transom garners more than the occasional comment from my Wolverine friends, but all in good jest. </p><p> Since you already have several project boat pictures showing the cold molded method of construction, I\'ve limited my selection of photos to the finished boat to offer a little different view on wood selection, stain color, deck hardware placement etc. etc. </p><p> The woods used were African mahogany planking and black walnut cover boards. </p><p> Thank you for the opportunity to help promote wood boat construction. </p>

Biscayne 18 by Jeff Geibel, Meridian, Idaho

Started constuction of the Biscayne 18 mid-November 2010, stretched 5-1/2" and am currently on the finish planking of spiled African Mahogany. Hoping to be finished some time this spring and ready for next season to enjoy the numerous Idaho Lakes!!


3 Responses to Biscayne 18 Design

  1. Ken Drucks says:

    Beautiful boat. What engine did you use?

  2. John B says:

    As for all of our designs, the Bill of Materials (which is a complete list of all the materials needed to build a particular boat) is linked on the description page of every boat on our website. The direct link to the Bill of Materials for the Biscayne 18 is here: Biscayne 18 Bill of Materials.

  3. Bruce Kirk says:

    I am courious as to how many board feet of lumber to make the Biscayne 18
    thanks Bruce

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