Bravado Design

Bravado by Knut A. Soerdal,  Oerskog, Norway

<p>December 26, 2006</p> <p>Hi!</p> <p> This is a letter from Norway. I am sending some photos of my Bravado, which I have built by myself. But I have to admit that I have had some help from a couple of old mates. </p><p> We started the building process in 2000, and the boat was finished in 2005. It was not a very effective building sequence, but we had a lot of fun and many challenges during the building time. The boat was lengthened from 17 to 19 feet, and the building material is Norwegian pine and bruynzeel plywood.</p><p> I am very pleased with the result. The boat is very stable and reaches the speed of 38 knots (GPS) with the help from a fourstroke Suzuki 115. </p> <p>Sincerely Knut A. Soerdal Oerskog Norway </p>

Bravado by Matthias Buffen, Niederkrüchten, Germany

<p> Update June 2013 </p><p> Hallo Glen-L. </p><p> My name is Matthias Buffen . I came from Niederkrüchten, Germany. I build your Bravado. </p><p> It is a Great boat! </p>


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