Fiberglass Construction

Glen-L Flats Flyer Built by Jacob Kimbrough, Friendswood, Texas


The construction time was right around 480 hrs. The rigging was another 40 hours. The whole boat does not contain a piece of wood. It is all composite foam core/fiberglass/carbon panels (proset epoxy/vacuum bagged). I stretched it to 19’9″ LOA. The hull weighed in at 860lbs. I was pretty conservative in the amount of fiber […]

First Steps in Building Your Boat: Setting up – The foundation for building a boat


  A boat, unlike a house or garage, does not have flat areas such as a level foundation with vertical uprights (studs).  A boat is curved from most any direction you view it so an artificial foundation must be created. We’ve developed a method of using a “building form” to substitute for the “foundation” in the analogy […]

Fiberglassing the Bottom Trailing Edge of a Power Boat


The well radiused corner required for proper application of fiberglass cloth is not desirable on some areas. For example, the bottom edge along the transom of high performance boats or along the inside edge along sponsons of hydroplanes should have a crisp corner for ultimate speed and performance. This illustration shows a good method for […]

Think Before You Fiberglass


THINK BEFORE YOU FIBERGLASS   You are ready to apply the fiberglass covering to the boat you are building. All of the screw holes and imperfections have been filled and sanded smooth. You even took great care to minimize sanding over the Douglas-fir plywood surface as you knew that would accentuate the grain and cause […]

Check out Riva Ridge! A Glen-L Squirt


I just completed “Riva Ridge” the last week of March.  What a fun project!  I started New Years Day and spent over 150 hours on the project over the past 3 months. I spent many evenings on the Glen.L forum checking out photos of previous Squirt builds and gleaning all the information I could about […]

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