Power Cruisers

1973 Glen-L “Nomad” getting a much-needed full-blown refresh!

On October 23, 2014, in Glen-L Styles, Outboard Powered, Plywood Construction, Power Cruisers, by darthplywood

My Grandfather, John Hargenrader, built a Glen-L Nomad in 1973. A few years ago he passed the boat (named “Betty Boop”) on to his son (my uncle) Luke Hargenrader. Luke used the boat with his family for several years and the boat has even made it to the Gathering. Shortly after G5 he decided that […]

Top 10 Boat Plans


Building a boat as a hobby is alive and well! In spite of current economic times, people are still building boats. They may not be laying down huge sums of moolah for a brand spankin’ new boat, but the desire to create a boat with ones own two hands is more popular than it’s ever […]

A $10 – 10 Minute Steam Box


A $10 – 10 Minute Steam Box by Jack Dice, Stonington, Maine I needed to bend some wood the other day. I was installing new gunwhales and inwales on a fiberglass skiff (an old “Plastic Pete’s”) that was molded with a rounded bow as many of those fiberglass skiffs are. The original wood had rotted […]

Tahoe 19 by Marshall Lovein , Macon, Georgia


I first suggest starting any boat project before the age of 69. It was a great deal of fun and will give me a large amount of pleasure. The first suggestion I have is to disregard stapling through waxed cardboard or wooden ply squares. Go to your local lumber yard and ask if you can […]

Latex Paint for Boats???


Latex Paint for Boats by Dave Carnell When I bought my first yacht (27′ auxiliary sloop) for $300 in 1951 I quickly learned that if it’s for a boat, the same material costs several times as much as if it is for your house. Oakum was $1/lb. at the marine supply store compared to five […]