Coaster Design

Coaster by John Hurd, Roseville, CA

<p>Dear Mr. Witt, </p><p> As explained, I am a real fan of Glen-L Designs. I have built the Chessie Flyer and the Gypsy to date. I also purchased numerous study plans and complete plans for the James Cook before deciding the boat was not for me. I spent several hours looking at the Kodiak before deciding the Coaster was the next project for me. I bought a set of plans for the Coaster and wanted to see if the rig (main and jib) from the Chessie Flyer would work on the Coaster. I built a model of the Coaster with as much detail as I could. The sails seem to be properly streched on the models. I also compared the centers of effort for the two sets of sails and they appear to be plus or minus 3 inches. We discussed the CLR but I could not find it on the drawings. By the way the combined sail areas are very similar for the two rigs. </p> <p> .....I hope you enjoy these photographs.... </p><p> Sincerely, John Hurd</p>

Coaster by Jimmy Scarr

Coaster by Jimmy Scarr, Marietta, Georgia 15 June, 2009 Here are Dad\'s pictures of his boat. He is really a remarkable man and my brother and I really admire his determination. -- Bob Scarr


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