Duck Boat Design

Duck Boat Too by Craig Larson, Swan River, Manitoba

<p> January 2015 </p> <p> A working duck boat built by me for waterfowling in north central Canada. </P>

Duck Boat Too by Dan Schwartz, Hartland, Wisconsin

<p>My dad and I built this boat over the summer of 2007. I used it for duck hunting in the fall and then made some improvements over the winter months (trolling motor mount and front seat/livewell). </p> <p> The boat is great for duck hunting because it has such a shallow draft and is very stable and lightweight. It is also a nice fishing boat for summer. With my 6 horse motor, the boat is perfect for the small lakes and rivers here in southeastern WI. </p> <p> The plans were easy to follow and we really enjoyed building duck boat too. Thanks.</p>

Duckboat by Len Gee , North Wales UK

<p>28 October 2004</p> <p> Dear sir or madamplease find enclosed pictures of my Glen-L Duckboat Too that I constructed in 2003 and had some nice outing last season. </p><p> Yours Truly Len Gee North Wales Uk</p>

Duck Boat by  Gary Morrison, Zachary, LA

<p>Subject: Duck Boat Too Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000 From: Gary Morrison </p><p> Attached is a picture of my Duck Boat Too that I built in 1977! added the rear deck and motor well, and also a hard cockpit cover. </p><p> Gary Morrison Zachary, Louisiana</p>

Duck Boat by Michael L. McIlrath, Thurmont, MD

<p>Here is a picture of my Duckboat Too. I could say many positive things in describing your plans and my experiences in building this boat, and its performance since. But two consistantly come up FUN & THANK YOU! (just as my two buddies seem to be enjoying it too much to get out) </p><p> Michael L. McIlrath Thurmont, MD </p>


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