Eight Ball Design

Eight Ball by Mike Dauscher, Indiana

April 12, 2019 - Here is a brief cost & time summary for my Eight-Ball. I've also enclosed a photo with the original rig. I built my Glen-L Eight Ball in the Spring of 2003 for approximately $350. I used local exterior-grade plywood and dimensional lumber. Fiberglass for the hull and polytarp for the sail was purchased online to save money. I used polyester resin for the fiberglass because it was cheaper than epoxy, and it has worked flawlessly. I purchased the Glen-L Bronze Fastener Kit and the Glen-L Eight Ball Hardware Kit. It took me 6 months to build. Having sailed her for 16 years, I've rebuilt the mastbox once and have experimented with a home-made gaff rig and gunter rig, the former being my favorite for this boat. The Eight Ball is still my go-to boat for introducing folks to sailing, as it doesn't scare them half to death like some production sailing trainers have a habit of doing.

Eight Ball by Stein Pihlstrom,  Knarrevik, Norway

<p>Subject: Eight-Ball Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 From: Pihlstrøm Stein </p><p> Hello </p><p> I just want to send You a couple of pictures of my finished Eight-Ball dinghy. I bought Your catalouge and later the plans for the Eight-Ball through a Norwegian company called Marine Design Norway, some years ago. I started with the Eight-Ball to gain experience for a bigger project, the Cabin Skiff. I have also bought these plans from the same company. </p><p> A radio controlled boat (made from drawings in the book \"Boatbuilding with Plywood\") together with the Eight-Ball. </p><p> Yours, Stein Pihlstrøm Knarrevik, Norway</p>

Eight Ball by Ray Boller of Illinois

This project turned out great - have been using it on Lake Michigan, between Milwaukee and Chicago. It is very satisfying to see how thin, floppy pieces of plywood can turn into a strong vessel. This boat attracts attention and smiles everywhere I go. The design is great - the construction went very well - and this boat handles well for its size. Thanks for a great design!

Eight Ball by Arthur Bain , Grenada

<p> Subject: 8 Ball project Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 16:21:15 -0700 (PDT) </p></p> Dear Sirs, </p><p> I have just finished building a Glen-L 8Ball, not SG the original. </p><p> I actually ordered and received the plans in November 1978, and soon after went into hospital in Barbados for an operation, and a couple of days after coming out heard the news about the revolution in my home country, Grenada. </p><p> I now have a 33\' yacht and wanted a light plywood dinghy that I could carry on deck, and the 8Ball seemed to fill the bill. The project took 3 months and as you can see from the attached photos looks quite nice and sails very well. </p><p> Sincerely, Arthur Bain</p>

Eight Ball SG by James McLain ,  Mission Hills, CA

<p>Hello, </p><p> My email is good and my Eight ball has been finished for almost a year now. I\'m the guy who sent you the video of the chirstening that went oh so bad. Here is a photo of my eight ball tied up at Balboa lake, which is a beautiful man made lake in the middle of the San Fernando Valley. </p><p> I am having a great time with my boat, but she is a lot of work. You know how dog years are supposed to be like 7 human years? Well, I think boat years are like 17 human years. This winter the rain filled up my boat like a bath tub, and water seeped through the sealed seat chamber and filled them up completely. Water could get in, but it couldn\'t get out. When I drilled a small drain whole the thing \"peed\" for hours. Now I have drain plugs and I am keeping the boat in the garage until summer. </p><p> James McLain Mission Hills, CA</p>

Eight Ball-SG by Jose Reis,  S. J. Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

<p>Date: 1 March 2004 </p><p> I owe you some photographs of the boat \"Eight Ball-SG\", that I finished building in 2001. (see copy of your \"Project Registry\", below) The photos are enclosed. </p><p> Some day in the future I will send photographs of a lobsterboat \"Eagle\", now under cointruction. </p><p> Regards, Jose Reis</p>

Eight Ball SG by Christopher Melendy, Madison, Wisconsin

My first boat build - I wanted to make a safe boat my kids (7 and 11yrs) could learn to single hand. I grew up racing a mixture of both 20-30' sailboats and small one designs. I knew what I wanted for my kids to learn on, but never found a boat that had all the things I thought my kids should have to learn to handle a boat. I wanted something that would sail first, motor second, row 3rd. It took me a few years (work got in the way) but here she is.

Eight-Ball SG by Jerry Gerlitzki

<p>Just tried Benjammin\' out yesterday and it handles great! Lots of fun. Here are a few shots of the Eight Ball I built. It took me 2 winters every Friday to complete. </p><p> Thanks, Jerry</p>

Eight Ball by Gary Schoenfeldt, Sagle, Idaho

<p> February 2013 </p><p> I am in the process of building your 19’ Barrelback runabout which is similar in appearance to a 1939 - 1942 Chris Craft Runabout. I took a break from construction of the runabout to build a Glen-L Eight Ball pram for my grandkids and me to use for fishing on some of the small lakes up here in Idaho. </p><p> I have constructed the Eight Ball so it can be rowed, sailed or used with a small outboard. It took me about a month to build the her not working on it continuously. </p><p> I built her with marine plywood, mahogany trim and mahogany cold molded bow and transom. It cost me $810.00. This cost includes all the hardware to set it up for sailing. The $810.00 doesn’t include the cost of a sail or mast & boom. </p><p> The picture of the boat on the water is my wife rowing the boat on her maiden voyage on Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho. </p><p> The Eight Ball sets well, rows easy and my grandkids love it. </p>

Eight Ball by Karl Ellshoff, Marshall, Illinois

<p>May 24, 2020 - Just sending a picture of finally getting back out on the water this season. Took the Eight Ball to celebrate. Enjoy reading the email newsletters.</p> <p>June 2013 Update - One new photo </p> <p>June 2012 Update: </p> <p> Getting Closer. I painted the boat this weekend. After a lot of comparing I decided that no more than this would be in the water, I would use enamel implement paint from the farm supply store. Time will tell if it was a wise choice. </p> <p> In case any one is wondering it is International Harvester Red. </p> <p>I intend to cover the inside of the boat with spar varnish. </p>

Eight Ball SG by Steven Sage

Eight Ball by Steven Sage June 25, 2008 I recently completed the Eight ball SG in the sailing version. Construction took about 1 1/2 months of evening and weekend time.


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