Glen-L 17 Design

Glen-L 17 by Joseph Amble, Houghton Lake, Michigan

<p> 21 November 2013 Update </p><p> Here are a couple of pictures of the boat from October after installing the chine and sheer members. I am going after the centerboard next. </p><p> 17 July 2013 Update </p><p> Not getting much done on the boat because of the heat. I did get the seats framed and thought some pictures of how I did them might help someone with theirs. </p><p> June 2013 Update </p><p> I am just starting to do the fairing. </p> <p> May 2013 </p><p> Here are a few pictures of my boat now that I have started assembling it. Much more to come. </p>

Glen -L 17  by Howard Connelly ,Del Ray, VA

<p> Update September 2013 </p><p> Here are some pictures of the Glen-L 17 project I began 10 years ago and I am still sailing it - mostly at night - in the Potomac river in DC/VA. </p><p> July 2011 </p><p> Began \"BLUECHICK\" customization 11 September 2003. Renamed her” REGINA” (Mom), working every day to get her back in the Potomac River. </p><p> Complete keel & trunk removal & upgrade, dry rot chase, removed leaking bumper rail, re-fiberglassed & resprayed the hull, de-varnished teak and oiled, and renovated the trailer. </p><p> Future months include: mahogany/stainless bowsprit, decorative jib, electrical system, handmade hardware, cabin door construction and more. Thinking of veneering the topsides. </p><p> Lots of pictures available. Advice encouraged. </p>

Glen-L 17 by Jeffrey Lumbert , Rockport, TX

<p>Glen L Witt et. al; </p><p> Your engineers, architects and builders of boats have produced a simple explanation to allow an amateur to build a real boat. Thank you! </p><p> I modified the cabin roof line and provided a huge amount of knees and beams in order to (I hope) do away with the mast support pole. I shortened the roof to have more deck space, raked the roof slightly more to give an inch of extra headroom aft of the berths. </p><p> The frames and timbers are red oak and the trim is mahogany. Other woods used: teak, agathus and mequite. I engineered a flip-up rudder and expect to sail the shallow bays around here, as well as cruise up and down the Intercoastal Waterway. </p><p> I\'ve named my boat \"Simply\" and sought to adher to that principle during construction. </p><p> My outboard is a MinnKota - electric is the only sane way to go with a small trailerable boat. </p><p> I shall meditate on your well-being during my first overnighter. </p><p> Jeffrey Lumbert Rockport, TX</p>

Glen-L 17 by Mike Palenchar

<p>November 4, 2001 </p><p> Dear Glen-L Team! </p><p> I\'ve included some photos I took in November, 2001, of the \'Glen-L 17\' launched in 1987. The information I have posted currently in your \'registry\' about the \'project\' follows below: </p><p> GLEN-L 17 / Mike Palenchar / / 1-28-01: completed 1985. Used lots of mahogany trim on the topsides. The design and equipment have always operated perfectly. Wherever I go no matter on the trailer or in the water people & other boaters tell me they love the look and design. It took 3 years to build. Use a 3 hp Mercury outboard. 8-26-01: Just installed roller furling for the jib. It\'s such a help when I\'m \'single-handed\'. Just adds \'one more pleasure\' to the \'17\'! </p><p> Thanks for your web-site... it\'s very informative & enjoyable to visit. Here\'s to more peaceful days for us all! </p><p> Regards, </p><p> Mike Palenchar Dublin, OH</p>

Glen-L 17 by Emilio Perini, Columbia

October, 2016 I\\\'m Colombian and build this yacht in 1991 from Glen-L plans. I wish many successes to Glen-L.


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