Goliath Design

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  1. Dan Hennis says:

    Ed, This build makes me speechless, then I have a hundred questions, .. And Mine is nearing completion! Please Ed, talk to Gayle about doing a blog on this. I think it would be fascinating. Keep going, it is a beauty.

  2. Doug says:

    What a beautiful build!!
    did you stretch her out\?

    please reply im thinking of this design myself…


    • Dan Hennis says:

      Hey Doug, sorry to take so long to reply. No, for this build, there were a number of other things I was focused on so I opted to keep that item standard. Also, this was started for a client (that has since died), that wanted it for a dock maintenance and towing tug. So, agility and stability were paramount. Once built, tested and video documentation is done, it will be sold. The wheel house has been redesigned for a pair of convertible, transverse bunks on the inside aft bulkhead, and no forward trunk. But there is still a generous forward hold under the fore deck, accessed from the wheelhouse. Keep watching.

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