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Gypsy by Bill Bryant, Brisbane, Australia

<p> Update 2 July 2014 </p><p> \"Bilby\" is on the water at last! </p><p> 18 April 2014 </p>

Gypsy by J. Pete VanVorst, Fort Pierce, Florida

<p> June 2013 </p><p> I bought your plans for \"Gypsy\" and added 1/2 ft. in the beam so she ended up at 23 ft. by 8 &frac12; ft. She draws very little water and with a 60HP Johnson she runs 24mpg at top speed and is very stable and useful. </p><p> Thanks for all the happiness! </p><p> <em><font color=\"maroon\"><font size=\"-1\">EDITOR\'S NOTE: While some Glen-L designs can be lengthened or shortened by up to 10% of the design specifications, Glen-L does NOT recommend changing the designed beam width of any boat, as this may result in compromises in performance, stability and safety. </font> </font></em></p>

Gypsy by John Hurd ,Roseville , CA

<p>Barry: </p><p> These pictures are of the Gypsy. I built this boat for lake boating. My wife and I would camp on the lake. I built this boat because it had walk around head room and a shallow draft. It has been the roomiest boat I have owned and a great boat for lakes and deltas. We went out several times with four couples aboard and had a great time. </p><p> John Hurd Roseville, CA</p>

Gypsy by Len & Boarb Bell

<p>Subject: Customer Photos Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 From: Len and Barb </p><p> Attached is a photo of our Gypsy houseboat. It was built by a Mr. Donovan of Marietta, Ohio in 1995. We purchased it in 1998. It had a 4-cylinder Isuzu diesel, Mercuiser heat exchanger and 60\'s sterndrive. I\'m currently powering with a 120 Mercuiser and updated I/O. Hope it works. My wife and I enjoy the boat very much, and are looking forward to many more days afloat. Would enjoy hearing from other Gypsy owners. Len & Boarb Bell</p>


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