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  1. John Montalbano says:

    love the design.

  2. David Compton says:

    Hello, I really love your boat and would like to ask a few questions. First, how much weight will it handle? Do you sell the plans and how can I get a set. Are they complete plans, including everything you need to know.. I built a hydroplane 50 years ago and loved it. I am 70 now and love to work with wood and have been looking for something like this. How much HP does it need to push 4 heaver set people across the water at a respectable speed, say 40 to 50 mph. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated.

    Thanks David

  3. Rob Haener says:

    Jerry, that is without a doubt the best marriage of good stuff and new stuff I ever saw. I ran an early 1950s Kiekhaefer/Mercury motor (when they were metallic green), on my fishing boat until 1988, when I sold it. As far as I know, that guy is still running it every weekend. Your boat itself is wonderfully worthy of the drive. Don’t forget to post a shot of it at speed (at Cedar Creek?). I’ve been through your town many times making the run from Corsicana to Shreveport.

  4. Jim Major says:

    Love this design, have wanted to do it or the Aqua Cat since the 70’s! Looks like Jerry is doing an excellent job as well.
    Jerry, please continue to update us on your progress. Twin 60’s or 75’s would be most cool.
    Looking forward to its finish and a handling report.
    Great work!

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