Imp Design

Imp by Pete Muller, Red Oak, NC

First boat build - the Glen-l “Imp”. Not in any kind of rush to build it - took over a year. Launched on 8/11/18 on the Tar River Reservoir in Elm City, NC. Christened “The Little Guy” as a gift to my grandson, whose nickname just happens to be the Little Guy. Thinking about a cedar strip canoe next, for my granddaughter.

Imp by Bart Stephens, Portland, Oregon

<p>Thanks for the great plan. My niece and I had fun building it. I used some salvaged mahogany for the frame. </p> <p> About half way through, I saw some photos of old row boats and tried to include some of the features I liked. The cup holders in the seat were at my niece\'s insistence.</p> <p>

Imp by Mike Wieland, Cedar Bluff, Alabama

<p>This is one of many "MS JACKIE" wooden boats built on Lake Weiss, Alabama. We used mahogany from a salvaged \'67 Chris Craft. </p> <p> Really enjoyed the build from your plans. She does great in the water with oars from your plans also. </p> <p> Thanks again, -- Mike & Jackie</p>

Imp by Tom Schultz

Imp Rowboat by Shane Smith

<p>I have now used Woodrow for just over a year, and I have been very satisfied with this little boat. It has proven itself to be an ideal platform for fly fishing, and carrying the scads of gear that I find myself lugging along on those trips. Although it works very well with my Honda 5 horse motor, I think it is at its best with an electric motor, and it rows very nicely. I am 6\'5\", 210 pounds, and I seldom wish for a more stable boat -- I can stand up and cast from the center seat, with no difficulty. Although it is certainly no featherweight, I am able to load it into my truck, but it is an easier task with a helper. </p><p> I made several modifications to the original Glen-L design. I modified the sheer lines somewhat to suit my own tastes, giving the boat some more height than was called for. I changed around the seating configuration, so that the interior of the boat is very open and comfortable for fly fishing. This is a great fly fishing boat, and I wouldn\'t hesitate to recommend it to anyone with similar needs.</p>

Imp by Warren C. Lyon , Dallas, TX

<p>June 29, 2004 </p><p> Re: 10\' Imp </p><p> This is the 5th Glen-L boat I have completed. </p><p> Four photos are enclosed showing the progress stages. </p><p> The outer skin is a marine plywood, using 1/4\" on the sides, 3/8\" on the bottom and 3/4\" for the transom. The chines, sheers and floor battens are ash. The seats are 1/4\" ply faced with 3/4\" mahogany. The bumper on the outer edge of the sheer is 1\" nylon rope attached with flat head stainless steel screws every 4\". </p><p> It was a great project and it will get a lot of use as a skiff. </p><p> Warren C. Lyon Dallas, TX</p>

Imp by Shawn Auman

<p>Subject: Photos of IMP</p> <p>Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 12:02:42 -0600</p> </p><p>From: Shawn Auman</p> <p> Here are some picture of the IMP that I built in 2000 to be posted in the customer photos. Even my father-in-law liked it.</p>

Imp by Sonny Barile, Secaucus, New Jersey

<p>Subject: Pics of IMP Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 00:25:44 EDT </p><p> I was building the IMP when I got the idea of customising her just a little... I built her to plan until it was time to put the sheers on, then it hit me... I fiberglassed the outside and added some things. It was alot of fun to build. I havent felt like this since I was a kid. </p><p> Attached you will find a few pictures I took with my computer cam. It was starting to get dark so they are not the greatest quality. I give you the \"IMP-ABOUT\" </p><p> Let me know what you think. I will try to take better pictures this weekend (during the day). I still have some work to do on the interior. </p><p> Very pleased customer Sonny Barile (New Jersey)</p>

Glen-L Imp by Mike Brian, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

January 2016 What an enjoyable and rewarding experience!


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