La Chatte Design

La Chatte by Mark Rojec, Englewood, Colorado

Updated - July, 2018<br /> <p> 6 February 2013 </p> <p> Here are some photos of hull #1 of the \"La Chatte" I am building. </p> <p> I'm ready to fiberglass it, but a decent time window hasn't opened up yet. Also, I'm waiting for the pre-epoxy jitters to settle down. I'm nearly there.... I'll send more as work progresses. </p>

La Chatte by Milt Demaray , Fremont, CA

<p>Subject: La Chatte Pictures Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 </p><p> Hi, </p><p> I recently became aware of your web pages. Pictures of my dad\'s Albert E were fun to see. </p><p> I built your La Chatte in around 1970, in Fremont, California. It was thrillingly fast to sail in a stiff wind! Here are my pictures of that boat. </p><p> Thanks for your great boat designs! </p><p> Best Regards, Milt Demaray</p>

La Chatte by Tord Forsen , Morsil, Sweden

<p>6-9-04 </p><p> From: Tord Forsen Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 </p><p> Hi, </p><p> I included some pictures of my \'La Chatte\' building. I build it a little different from the instructions. Instead of using plywood for the hulls I use wood strips glued together and covered with glass fibre at out- and inside. </p><p> Best regards, Tord</p>

La Chatte by Mark Crociati with father and brother

<p>Subject: La Chatte Built in 1976 Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 14:21:20 EDT </p><p> I built this boat along with my father and brother when I was 16 in 1976. Over the course of time, we modified the rigging to accomodate a Hobbie Cat mast and sails which adapted quite well and added more speed to the boat. I am delighted to find after all these years that you still use the \"La Chatte\" design which was an extremely fast sailboat in a good wind off the coast of Plymouth, Mass where the Mayflower once sailed. </p><p> Hope you add this to your site, thanks, Mark Crociati</p>


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