Nor’wester Design

Nor\'wester by Jay Duensing, Pacifica, California

<p> April 2013 </p><p> I purchased the blueprints for the Nor\'wester 26\' from Ken Hankinson back in 2000 and finally finished the boat in 2007. </p><p> I see that you now own this design so I thought I would send you the pictures of the finished product. </p><p> The boat is working very well, I just wish it was a little heavier. </p><p> If you have any customers building aluminum boats in the San Francisco bay area that need any help, let me know. I also have a mobile welding business \"AJ mobile welding and repair\". </p><p> Thanks! </p>


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  1. Kyle says:

    Trying to build chinook boat. Did you use the 3X2 angle? and what did you use for the center of the bulkhead?

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