Odyssea Design

Odyssea (built in Steel) by Carlos Diego Bravo Reta, Capital Federal, Argentina

<p> March 2013 </p><p> Modified to be built in steel in the early 1970\'s here in Argentina with plans and patterns bought in the USA. </p><p> The trawler was sold some time ago, now I am thinking on a new one. </p><p> Thank you again. </p>

Odyssea by Jannick Beaudoin, Quebec, Canada

<p>Subject: (pas d\'objet) Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 13:06:51 +0100 From: Jannick Beaudoin </p><p> Bonjour, je suis proprietaire d\'un trawler ODYSSEA. Construit en 1969 a Quebec, et je l\'ai achete il y a 8 ans. Il est reste identique tel que les plans,autant a l`interieur que a l\'exterieur. Il est construit en bois. Je joint des photos.</p>


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