Overnighter Design

Overnighter by Owe Pedersen

<p>Subject: Overnighter Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 14:17:41 +0100 From: owe.pedersen </p><p> Sending you some photos of my modified version of Overnighter. The boat is built according to your description. I have made some modifications. I have lengthened the boat 200 mm. The wind-screen is moved back about 200 mm and the cabin is shortened a little. I have used 7 mm x 5 layers plywood for the hull. To finish it, I have used strips of mahogany with thickness of 5 mm and 50 mm width. </p><p> Engine: 90 HP Evinrude Mod.98 Speed: 42 miles or 35 knots </p><p> Regards Owe Pedersen</p><p>


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