PickleFork Design

Picklefork by Bruce Andrews, Long Valley, New Jersey

June 2017 Quick pics of one fun boat!

Picklefork by Kyle Crawford,  Peace River, AB, Canada

<p>Subject: pictures Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 14:27:26 -0600 From: Crawford, Kyle </p><p> To Glen-L Marine Designs </p><p> Hi, I\'m Kyle Crawford, Last winter I built the Picklefork in our garage. It was a great project, as you can see I\'ve made a few modifications. I made some extra room so that you can sit down in it, or kneel. The boat is generously fiberglassed, which really increases the strength. </p><p> It is a great little boat and capable of high speeds with little power. I\'m running a 7.5hp Mercury and it feels fast enough. A 10-15hp outboard would be a perfect size, but I\'m sure if I used a prop. with a greater pitch it would increase the speed of my boat quite a bit. With the 7.5 it is good enough, unless you want to race it. </p><p> It is for sale for $1750. You can email me at crawfork2@prsd.ab.ca.net </p><p> Kyle Crawford Peace River, AB, CAN</p>

Picklefork by Hadjipieras Constantinos and Nicolaides George, Pafos, Cyprus

<p>Subject: Picklefork </p><p> Hello from Pafos, Cyprus </p><p> We managed to construct the Picklefork. It took us one month of hard working, but we did a very good job. Finally we put it in the water and we realized that it was worth it. </p><p> We are sending you two fotos of the completed boat and if you want you can put them on your web page. </p><p> Thank you very much for everything. </p><p> Hadjipieras Constantinos Nicolaides George</p>

Picklefork by The Soderlunds

Picklefork by the Soderlunds May 23, 2008


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