Power-Row Skiff Design

Power-Row Skiff by Mark Coleman, El Mirage, Arizona

<p> Update 8 October 2013 </p><p> I finished fiberglassing the Eazy Peazy and am just about finished painting her. Last night I was putting on a coat and snapped a few pics at sunset - really striking so I thought I\'d pass them along. </p><p>Update 7 May 2013 </p><p> I had a great weekend at my favorite trout lake here in Arizona so I thought I share some pictures. </p><p> I’m still tinkering with the Peazy but have all the major construction finished. Like I said in the previous email, she handles nicely, has plenty of speed (plus the 15 hp sips the fuel) and gets many compliments. </p><p> Another well done set of plans – thanks as always for your help. </p><p> Ok – what do I build next? </p><p>--- bbm (boat building maniac – one of the nicest compliments I received in a while ;-) </p><p>Update 22 April 2013 </p><p> I’ve had lots going on lately but I am almost finished with the Eazy Peazy so I thought I would send in an update. </p><p> I took her out this weekend to Lees Ferry on the Colorado river (just upriver from the Grand Canyon). It was a beautiful weekend, we caught boat loads of trout, and the Peazy performed impeccably. She moved up river nicely (even with 2 people, Peyton and a 7 mph current), handled great in the swift currents and was a joy to fish out of. </p><p> Of course, I got compliments from most of the boaters that were within earshot. I even had one of the river guides bring his clients over to see the “hand-crafted” boat. This is the perfect design for this type of water and the minimal draft kept me off the bottom in the shallow spots (some places just under a foot of water). </p><p> So, in addition to having an eye-catching work of functional art – I also broke the curse of Santiago in her first outing (you may recall he was the main character in “Old man and the sea” that went 84 days without catching a fish before he landed the big one). </p><p> I should have most of the final touches done by this weekend. I’ll let you know when she’s complete – I’ve already started on the Sabotina and have my eye on the plans for the Chunky Dory as well. </p><p> --- Captain Happy & P-dog </p><p> Update 2 April 2013 </p><p> Still haven’t had the water test but will definitely get her in the water this weekend. I hope to put the engine on tonight. </p><p> Update 20 March 2013 </p><p> I hope to flip the Eazy Peazy tonight and start working on the interior – all the bottom trim is done and I put a touch up layer of paint on this morning (see pics + cute Peyton pic). </p><p> If everything goes smoothly, I hope to get it registered and do a water test this weekend  </p><p> Update 20 March 2013 </p><p> A few brand new photos (plus the obligatory cute Peyton pic) – I put the first layer of paint on this morning after 3 layers of poxy-shield. </p><p> I hope to build a couple of these and try and sell ‘em to support my habit. So, I’ll be getting a lot more supplies from you guys soon. </p><p> Update 15 March 2013 </p><p> Photos of the planking going on – one more side piece to glue (drilled the screw holes this morning before work). The bottom is basically ready as well and I have to say, everything has been “easy peazy”. </p><p> I learned a lot from my first boatbuild and this one is so much more straight forward. </p><p> Update 26 February 2013 </p>

Power-Row Skiff by Rod Denley, Roscommon, Michigan

<p> Update July 2013 </p><p> I have finished my Glen-L Power-Row Skiff. Your plans and materials were great and everything worked out very well. </p><p> I wanted a large flat bottom skiff for my nephews to fish and chase turtles with that would be stable and safe during the summer and have the same qualities for 63 year-old me in the fall hunting ducks and geese from a floating blind. </p><p> As you can see I built the forms out of 3/4 inch plywood and epoxied them so they could remain in place after construction in place of the oak knees. I also thickened the thwarts since people are always jumping in and out from the dock. I added extra limber holes for the water to run to the back. </p><p> It was great fun to build and got lots of positive feedback. The first trip to the duck marsh was great and setting decoys was a breeze due to the stability. It runs nicely with a 6hp and is really great with a second person in the front. </p><p> I have a 16-foot aluminum fishing boat as well as 2 12-foot aluminum boats and this is by far a much nicer fishing/hunting boat. I choose this design since 50 years ago I helped my father build a 14-foot flat iron skiff which we used for years. Every boat I was in after that never really compared until now. </p><p> Thanks again. </p><p> April 2013 </p>

Power-Row Skiff by Michael Spangler, Soap Lake, (Eastern) Washington

14-foot Glen-L Power-Row Skiff, started 2010, launched 2011.

Power-Row Skiff by Jim Martin, San Antonio, Texas

October 2017 I thought I would pass along the attached photo of the 12 1/2' skiff I recently completed. We'll power with 5 hp Mercury. This was a first time project. I purchased the plan, resins and fiberglass from Glen-L. Had a great time building the boat, relearned a lot of geometry, and best of all, I built this for my granddaughter! Thanks!


3 Responses to Power-Row Skiff Design

  1. Eric Youngstrom says:

    Terrific Job!!

    Which Power-Row Skiff did you build? Is it fiber glassed? Would you make any part of it beefier?
    Thank you, and congratulations!

  2. Erich says:


    I live in Surprise, AZ. Where do you get your marine plywood?

    • Mark Coleman says:

      Hi Erich,

      The best source in the valley is “City Plywood”. He has numerous sizes (thickness) and has resonable prices. You can get 3/4″ from Woddworkers Source (which is where I buy my hardwood) but it is expensive (~$100 a pop).
      Hope this helps. BTW – ck out my other build on the Cruisette page.

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