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Rampage by Vince Iacozza

Updated October 2017 September 2017 We launched her yesterday, and it drives beautifully, so much power. I'll send u more photos. Thanks!

Rampage by Gene Baldwin, Visalia, California

<p>October 2012</p><p> This is a picture of my Rampage. I built it in the early 80’s and this picture was taken after 25 years of use. </p><p> Five years prior to this picture we shortened the front deck approximately 8” to provide more seating space. </p><p> The boat has a modified small block Chrysler 360 ci motor, a Mopar 727 3 speed automatic transmission and a Stern Power stern drive with hydraulic steering and tilt & trim. It’s very efficient on fuel with the transmission and easily pulls multiple skiers and tubes. </p><p> It has been the mainstay of our family recreation for many years. </p><p> I have been acquainted with Glen-L since the 60’s when I first started building boats. </p>

Rampage by James Laughlin , Toronto, ON, Canada

<p>Hi there, just surfing your site and thought I\'d send you a pic of my completed project. Its been done for quite a while but I never noticed your online site had a place for boats built by customers. I can only hope this may encourage someone to undertake the project, it was alot of fun and I get compliments everywhere. </p><p> The boat is a Rampage named \"Frayed Ends of Sanity\" that I started in high school and finished a number of years later, almost 9!(mostly due to university getting in the way). </p><p> It has a 460 Ford bored to 468 spinning a Berkley pump The coaming was modified on the hull to give more legroom and is slightly more forgiving when a wave hits broadside when not on plane. A custom jet intake is getting me into the 75mph range and the motor turns less than 5000 rpm at this speed. I can\'t wait till we have it turning 6000! </p><p> The boat is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and doesn\'t very often stray very far from there, but occasioanlly gets trailered to the \"cottage country\" up north. </p><p> Thanks again, I hope you post the pic. </p><p> James Laughlin</p>

Rampage by Tom Kelly

Rampage by Tom Kelly, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada February 12, 2009 My version of the Rampage... Length: 20’ 4” Core: martial balsa core.


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