Sabotina Design

Sabotina by Thomas Gallagher

June 2016 55 years after building my Glen-L Ski Tow I built another Glen-L.

Sabotina by Kenny Cooper, Nashville, Tennessee

Updated Feb 1, 2019
7 April 2014

I finished (finally) the build of my Sabotina "Scrappy". The name comes from the fact that I built it from scraps from the Glen-L 14 build and other pieces around the shop. I've attached a few pics of launch day back in January 2017 at which my son, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters participated.

Sabotina by Merle Walline, Kerrvile, Texas

Photos Posted 19 February 2014

Sabotina - S&G by Mike O\'Brien, Shorewood, Wisconsin

<p> December 2013 </p><p> Great project to get started in boat building and it can be done in your basement! </p>

Sabotina by J. Humphrey Vigour, Kelowna, BC, Canada

<p> October 2013 </p><p> Here is a picture which I hope gives you some idea of how the wheels are bolted to the 2\" Mahogany frame of the boat\'s transom. </p><p> The small eyebolt located half way along the brown stained 2X4 lumber is for roping the boat to the vehicle should it be felt necessary to do so. In fact two ratchet tie-downs alone have proven sufficient for transporting Sabotina to and from the lake. </p>

Sabotina by Michael George, Fruitport, Michigan

<p> May 20, 2013 </p><p> It was a fun and easy build. I built the boat because I sailed one as a small boy in Michigan. </p><p> They are great handling little boats. She will be used as a mooring tender and to teach my kids how to sail. </p><p> Thanks for the nice plans and hardware. </p>

Sabotina by Dave Bell, Torrance, California

January 8, 2013<br /> Thought you might like to see a few photos of my Sabotina (Standard Version) finished in early September of 2012. We towed it behind a sailboat on a cruise to Catalina in late September, 1st MDR to Two-Harbors, then Avalon, back to Two-Harbors, and finally back to MDR. <br /><br /> It tows great, next time I hope to have a cover for it and the sail rig, dagger board and rudder finished. <br /><br /> It rowed great with my wife and I and dive gear for two (no tanks), no need to screw around with a motor, gas, etc.

Sabotina  by Joe Forsythe, Grove City, Ohio

<p>\"Stitch\" (Joe\'s Sabotina) </p><p> August 2012 Update</p>

Sabotina by D. Erich \"Mouse\" Marse

Sabotina by D. Erich \"Mouse\" Marse, Whittier, California 9 July, 2009

Sabotina by James Haan

Sabotina by James Haan, Benicia, California 19 December 2009

Sabotina #2 by James Haan

Sabotina #2 by James Haan, Benicia, California 26 March 2010 I just finished my second pram, this one is natural mahogany.

Sabotina by Walt Baldwin & Class, Frankfort, Kentucky

May 3, 2018 Update - Two are done, two are very close, and the others are in various states behind. i've attached a photo of the one Adi (my daughter) and I built. October 2016 The Sabotina builds are coming along. One is almost done and four more are getting closer every day. Should have a fleet or 8 or 9 when all is said and done.


11 Responses to Sabotina Design

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  2. Bobby says:

    cant figure out to line up the bow & transom what is the key

    • Bobby, the drawing of the building form shows the location of the transom and bow and forms–these are all positioned with set-up levels matching and at the angles noted.

  3. Bobby says:

    Is there any one in Alabama or Georgia who has built one would like to contact them for info

  4. Bobby says:

    need all the help I can get

  5. Emil Horvath says:

    Is plans for this boat available?

    • John B says:

      Of course the plans for this Glen-L design are available. Just go to the home page or just to the top of this page, hover your pointer over “Online Catalogs” and when the dropdown appears click on the “Boat Plans Catalog – 300 Boats You Can Build” link. Then you can find the Sabotina design in either the Alphabetic List or the “Sailboats” links.

  6. Emil Horvath says:

    Is drawing w/dimensions available for this boat and if so where can I get the plans for it?
    Thanks, Emil

  7. Jim McQuaide says:

    Great pics. I love this boat. And recently help a friend build Sabotina. I should organize some of my pics, and share them.

  8. David Afford says:

    I like the idea of assembling the bow and stern transoms without the plywood attached in order to fit the stringers and then apply the plywood later. I think the Kreg jig may be useful to hold the frames together until the plywood is installed!

  9. Deo Lazaro says:


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