Swish Design

Glen-L Swish Built by Karl Schroeder, Currently Owned by David Bannerman

<p> 8 July 2014 </p><p> This Glen-L Swish was built by my friend Karl Schroeder from the plans in the 1958 Popular Mechanics magazine. </p><p> I couldn\'t wait to try it in water. Built in 1958-62 by Karl Schroeder, Dayton, Ohio. I have the original plans etc. </p><p> Second photo shows the first launch in Florida 2014. It has been modified by the builder to handle a Mercury 1400 motor. </p><p> The gas tank and batteries are forward, the rear seat is back to back with the front seat, a plate has been added to the transom and the tilt is max for the bow to be pushed down in the water. </p><p> I am proud to own the Swish. We had a great first ride. It has a 140 horse Mercury motor and its on a Gator trailer. </p>

Swish by Shane Watson

<P> 04 February 2014 </p><P> Proud owner of a Glen-L 1958 Swish Runabout. </p><P> Built by my grandfather in 2003. Boat went through a detailed restoration over the past 3 years. </p>


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