Fitting the Chines

On February 25, 2015, in Designer Articles, Plywood Construction, by Glen L. Witt

A chine in a boat is the backing member of the side and bottom planking and is typical on a hard chine hull, meaning an abrupt angle change from bottom to side, not a radius or round shape. In other words, the chine is the usual longitudinal backing typical on vee bottom boats. The backing […]

Glen-L Missile Story from a Boat Builder

On February 6, 2015, in Inboard Powered, News From Gayle, Plywood Construction, by Gayle Brantuk

(We thought you’d enjoy this neat story emailed to us by a Glen-L boatbuilder –Gayle)   Hi Gayle; My name is Terry Dobson. I live in the Wichita area. Here’s a piece of history for you. In 1963 I ordered a set of plans for the “MISSILE”. I made a deal with my parents to […]

Bubbles in Epoxy

On January 9, 2015, in Fiberglassing, Shop Talk: Tips and Techniques, by Gayle Brantuk

So, you decided to build a boat and do the right thing and coat it with epoxy. But, for some reason, when the epoxy dries there are tiny bubbles all over the surface. There are two common causes of bubbles in epoxy. One, air escaping from newly coated wood. This usually only happens on the […]

Tuffy, So Dear To My Heart

On October 17, 2014, in News From Gayle, Outboard Powered, by Gayle Brantuk

by Cliff Steele (originally written for Heartland Boating) Forty years ago this month we built “TUFFY” our first boat…but, before I tell you about TUFFY, I must go back 50 years. I was 12 back then & enjoyed a hobby that later would lead me and introduce me to a life long relation with boating. […]

Power Skiff 14 by Christoph Bangerter


Hi everybody After roughly one year of  intermittent  – I was still working at the time – building my new Power Skiff 14, I was able to launch the boat in August and have it officially approved and tested by the relevant Swiss naval authorities (don’t laugh, landlocked Switzerland, in my case the Canton of […]