Building the Yukon Just a Little Bigger – II

On June 15, 2012, in Glen-L Styles, by Tom Schmidt

  I started looking for boat plans a few years before I finally found Glen-L. I loved the hull design of the Yukon but I didn’t think there was enough room to live aboard so I stretched the hull to just under 40 feet. I was also concerned about the living space of the supper structure […]

Stiletto by Pamcraft

On August 29, 2011, in Glen-L Styles, Outboard Powered, by pamelalynne1

After completing my Li’l Squirt jet project a local marina owner offered me a place to build boats to sell to local people.. SO… with his suggestion that the Stiletto was “sexier” than the Zip or Malahini, I started on the new project on June 23rd. Today I ordered the vinyl for the seats, put a […]