Glen-L History Photo #2

On December 9, 2011, in History Photo of the Week, by Gayle Brantuk

1950’s Draft Room–Click photo to enlarge   This is where the magic happens! This is our drafting room where all of our boat designs have been created. Glen is in the foreground of the photo using the drafting table that he made himself. It had a radio built into it and lots of handy drawers.  Jack […]

My Squirt

On August 1, 2011, in Glen-L Styles, Outboard Powered, by david.c

I finished my squirt about two years ago and since then it has been well used, in fresh but mainly salt water (port phillip bay). The frames are hoop pine. The hull is marine ply that has been covered with fiberglass cloth. After that I used international interprotect then three coats of two pac perfection […]

Build Your Dream Boat #21

On August 3, 2010, in Build Your Dream Boat Series, News From Gayle, by Gayle Brantuk

Today we’re going to talk about fiberglassing a wood boat. Many are under the impression that when you apply fiberglass to a wood hull, it makes it structurally stronger and therefore, thinner or less quality wood can be used. This is NOT correct. First, let’s define what we mean by “fiberglass”. We are referring to […]