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Thunderbolt by Nathan Reed Australia

November, 2015 - The frames have been re- spaced so the boat is 10% longer. the stem was also extended overall length now 18'9

Thunderbolt by Darrell Jones, Lewiston, Idaho

<p> September 2013 </p><p> I built your Thunderbolt (seems like ages ago), used it for 20 years then sold it because we couldn\'t handle the heat any more (“Age,” Ha Ha). I\'m 78 now. </p><p> We didn\'t have internet or a computer back then and didn\'t know I could send pictures. I\'m hoping that you will enjoy the pictures as I had a great experience building it. I think I sent you a picture of the finished boat when I finished it, and I remember you making the comment on the metal flake paint. </p><p> I was going through albums the other day and saw some of the pictures during construction. I scanned them and numbered them the best I could remember. It would really make my day if they could be posted on your customer Photo site. </p><p> Any way about the Boat… </p><p> She was powered with a 327 Cu in. Chevy, I would guess about 325 HP. I used your V-Drive Forward Neutral and reverse with a 10% overdrive gear ratio, 12X15 three blade prop. Speed was about 60+ MPH at about 5200 RPM. </p><p> The boat worked really well for skiing; just touch the foot peddle and it was on top of the water! Most of our skiers liked me to run about 2500 RPM. </p><p> Again, thank you so much for the great boat and your help along the way. </p>

Thunderbolt (restored) by Randy Milligan, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

<p> July 2013 </p><p> I\'ve spent the last eight years restoring my father\'s Glen-L Thunderbolt. </p><p> As a member of the Trent Severn and Toronto antique boat clubs and the APBA, I have dad\'s Thunderbolt and my uncle\'s 280 hydro in the Gravenhurst boat show and the Racing boat show in Valleyfield, Quebec. </p><p> Thank you for the great opportunity to finish Ramblin\' Rose! </p><p> P.S. We have a website showing the photos of my dad\'s original build of the Thunderbolt and photos of it being used and raced currently at <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>.

Thunderbolt by Gary Ross & His Dad, Albuquerque, New Mexico

<p> March 2013 </p><p> The Glen-L Thunderbolt that Dad and I built back in 1967-68. This is an early picture when it was carburated. We later put fuel injection on the engine, which was 427 cubic inch Chevy. </p><p> The boat was clocked at 92mph in the quarter mile at 7250 rpm with a 19% overdrive and two-bladed Stellings stainless steel racing propeller. </p><p> We sure had a lot of fun with it. Lots of great memories! </p>

Thunderbolt by Greg Roy, Aukland, New Zealand

<p>May 14, 2008</p> <p>Last year me and a mate bought a second hand Thunderbolt off Trademe. We did a lot of work on her last winter and had a great summer skiing behind her at the lake. It bought back memories of when I was an apprentice (a few years ago now) and the boss had a Thunderbolt which I fitted a 283 smallblock into for him (seems I have had a connection with Glen-L from way back). There can’t be that many Glen-L boats in New Zealand but we have 4 in our family – not bad I reckon. (See photos of our Tiny Titan and Squirt, too, on other Customer Photos pages)</p>

Thunderbolt by Mark Darby, British Columbia, Canada

<p> Update May 2008 </p><p> Just an update on the performance of my restoration. </p><p> The chine that I have added appears to be working well. The boat gets out of the water a lot quicker and when I slow down it stays on plane longer. Cornering in the boat is also a lot better. </p><p> I have had the boat up to 48.9 MPH at about 4200 RPM so I am quite happy with the performance. </p><p> November 2004 </p>


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