Tug Along Design

Tug Along 18' by Wayne Conklin, Spring Hill, Florida

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Tug Along by Glen Burston, London, Ontario, Canada

<p> April 2013 </p><p> I completed a Tug Along 18\' this spring and the boat is like driving a tourist attraction! </p><p> We have been on a couple of trips including a 160 mile, 28 lock round trip on the Trent-Severn waterway in Ontario with three kids under ten years old. Everyone we met loved the boat. </p><p> I would encourage anyone to build this boat as it is a really fun craft to own. You guys did a great job on this design! </p>

Tug Along by Jeanne Von Bargen, Suffolk, Virginia

<p> 2 July 2010</P>


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