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Tunnel King by Derek Steere, Friday Harbor, Washington

Tunnel King completed July 2015 Build thread here : <a href=\"https://www.glen-l.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=26321\">Boatbuilder Forum</a>

Tunnel King by Mike Herbold, Victoria, Texas

<p> May 2013 </p><p> Thought you guys would want to see my project. I wanted a tunnel style shallow draft flats boat so I bought the Tunnel King set of plans from you. </p><p> The hull I built is the same as the Tunnel King but I increased the beam to 95\" by increasing the depth. This added 3.5\" of freeboard after I installed the deck. </p><p> I then fabricated the gunnels and then rolled them for a dryer ride. The entire hull and deck is fiber glassed. I also made the deck self bailing. </p><p> The handling of the boat is fantastic. It will plane out instantly which is paramount in shallow water. With a 70 HP it will run about 36 MPH and is perfect for back bay fishing. The hull is foamed for added safety. </p><p> I cant tell you how much fun I had building her. </p><p> Regards - Mike Herbold </p>


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  1. LSaupe says:

    I see you can actually back into Derek’s images at:


  2. Larry says:

    For some reason unable to access Derek’s images (just returns back to this page), however no problem with Mike’s.

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