Ultra Pierre Design

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  1. Wolf says:

    For my first build, good idea?

  2. TIM KINGHORN says:

    Hi Mike, your Ultra Pierre looks great ! I want to build the Ultra Pierre in the Phillippines Islands. I was wondering how you were using the steel on the bottom ? Thanks Tim in Seattle

    • mike morasci says:

      Hi Tim,

      Been Steel Head fishing, so away from the computer for a while.

      Basically the design is an ultra Pierre with Oak Frames and Plywood sides. My variation was to remove all bottom structure and replace with a 3/16 Steel bottom and transom. Steel knees and lower skirt (essentially a garboard I guess) to attach the Ply to were welded in. Built unconventionally, right side up beginning with the bottom. All done with AC stick welding.

      I have some pic’s posted showing some of the design details. Drop me a line and I’d be happy to share additional details with you if you have any questions I can answer.



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