Vera Cruise Design

Vera Cruise by Carl Smoot, Austin, Texas

A beautiful cabin cruiser design I hope to someday finish and use. It's been a blast building her.

A beautiful wooden cabin cruiser design.

Vera Cruise by David Ellingson, Woodstock, IL

<p>5-10-06: I\'ve been working on my Vera Cruise several months, sort of in backwards order. I\'ve been working on the electrical/electronics, accumulating hardware, etc. so that when the hull is complete all this other stuff will be complete and ready to install. I bought the frame kit now because Allyn is retiring and it won\'t be available in the future. But I won’t be able to start on the hull for a year or two.</p> <p>7 Jul 2006</p>

Vera Cruise by William Klotz, Minneapolis, MN

<p>Subject: Photos of Vera Cruise Roll Over Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 22:23:18 -0800 From: William Klotz</p> <p>Rolled over my Vera Cruise on Monday. With summer coming on I\'m looking forward to finishing her in time to get her on the water before next winter.</p>

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