Wildcat Sport Design

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  1. Jean-Sébastien says:

    Why do I only have one picture of a scarf joint !!! It’s the only one I ever let Marc do 😉

    In our duo, I was the perfectionist and he was the super locomotive pushing the project forward… We were a great duo…

    We started the built in April 2004 and finished the project in July 2005. Because of Canadian winters, we had to stop between October and March. We both had all our time to devote to “Project Wildcat”…

    Do net expect to finish a project like this in +/- 1 year… Our “project manager”, a professional wooden boat builder / repairer thought it would take us 4-5 years to finish (Canadian winters again).

    When the boat, for commercial purposes, was inspected by Transport Canada, the inspector thought we were professional builders. That was largely du to all of Jean-Pierre’s advises (Vexcel.ca) He was helpful !!!

    About the WILDCAT design. When it was cold, all divers wanted the protection of the windshield and came forward… This brought more weight forward than the boat is designed to carry. It is the only “pseudo-negative” that Marc and I agreed on…

    With 2 x 90 HP Honda’s, at minimum weight on a flat St-Lawrence river, we achieved our fastest speed… 65 Km/h (GPS)

    You’ll see the boat in this vidéo:

  2. Gavin says:

    thinking of this design, would you have more photos of the build. and how is the performance.

  3. Jaime says:

    Nice modified version. Do you have a study plan of thos one?

  4. Jean-Sébastien says:

    Thanks !

  5. Bob says:

    Nice job ! What motors are you using and what is the top speed?

  6. Bob says:

    Nice job ! I am thinking about building one myself
    What motors are you using and what do you think the top speed is?

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