Yukon Design

Yukon by Tom Schmidt, Frostproof, Florida

<p>Update April 2014</p><p>Ready for the Splash!</p><p> I have built a live-aboard trawler using the Glen-L Yukon design plans and patterns. After just over 11 years of work, the Molly B is finally ready to be moved to the water and launched. </p><p> The moving date is around the 1st of June and the splash will be shortly after that since I have to put her back together again before I can launch. </p><p> See my complete record of her build at my website <a href=\"http://www.journalofthemollyb.com/\" target=\"_blank\">Journal of the Molly B</a>. </p><p> Update July 2012 - <p>Building the Yukon, just a little bigger....</p>

Yukon by Michael Stock, West Bountiful, Utah

16 September 2013

Yukon by Steve Verbeek

Glen-L Yukon as built by Steve Verbeek November 23, 2008 I noticed you have few Yukon pics. My father built one \"Ter-a-lyn\", we recently sold it after his passing.

Yukon by Glen Zwicker

20 September 2009 This is my Yukon built 2000 - 2004. Photo from 2008


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