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Sea Knight build

On April 5, 2021, in Builder Blogs, Power Cruisers, by Adriaan

Hi All,

I recently bought/acquired the Sea Knight plans and decided to document and post some of my progress, although I am not sure if the build will be a speedy process as I have too many hobbies and things going on but I really enjoy it so far so let’s see.

I just finished my first frame (no.5) constructed out of Siberian Larch and okume plywood.

More to follow soon!

So I have been a bit lazy on the posting side of things, luckily Dan was so kind to remind me of my duties.

I have been busy the last weeks with the production of the loose parts like all the frames and keel and the chines and sheers etc before setting up the strongback as the space in my workshop is limited.

Funny thing to mention, all the while I was busy producing my parts and having loads of fun while doing so, I found out that the lovely boat doesn’t fit through my access door… at least not in a level position. I should have thought this through. On the other hand, overthinking things is just not my cup of tea. Let’s just wing it and see what happens, it will be fine, otherwise my entrance will be upgraded…

Frame 1-5
Laminated Bow
Scarf Jointed Keel, same method for chines and sheers
On The Strongback

The strongback should be hard fixed to the floor, but as my floor has been poored recently I just couldn’t bear putting holes in it, so thats why it’s weighted down with concrete tiles instead which I had laying around the house anyways. I hope it will hold up well when the bending of the sheer and chine will commence, fingers crossed.

More to follow soon!

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  1. Dan Hennis says:

    In the words of David Copperfield, … “More please.”

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